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"Use Underground YouTube Video Marketing Secrets To Get
Stupid Amounts Of Free Traffic To Your Website,
Affiliate Programs, Or CPA Offers Within Minutes!"

Ok, So why do you want to upload videos to YouTube anyways? And don't 'tell because you want to be a

Lets get real, you want to upload videos to YouTube because you want massive exposure-

  • To Sell Your Products/Services
  • To Capture Leads
  • To Promote Products/Services as an Affiliate
  • To Promote CPA offers
  • For Adsense Revenue
  • To Brand Yourself or Company

You want to create and upload videos to YouTube because you have a burning desire to see a bunch of 'Notification of Payment Received' e-mail's flying into your inbox every few minutes from people watching your videos or visiting your YouTube channels then buying after visiting your website, affiliate links, or CPA offers.

Its every marketers dream.....

Maybe you've already created a few videos and upload them to YouTube but your just not getting the kind of massive traffic results you keep hearing other people getting to their videos and channels?

Ultimately your trying to get viewers who watch your videos or visit your YouTube channels to end up going to your website or seeing an offer your promoting so you can capture their lead or get paid from a sale, rather than having them go watch other videos on YouTube.

The problem is that you can't force people on YouTube to watch your videos and you can't force people to go to your website or to see your offers. But wouldn't that be nice? Just imagine everyone who watched your videos or visited your channels were forced to go to your website or to see your offers. How sweeeeet that would be.... Can you imagine how much money you would make with a well converting offer?

But your getting frustrated because while your getting video views and people visiting your channels you think you deserve more. After all why not? If some dumb A#@ video can get thousands of views and the author gets a raging amount of people visiting their channel, then why can't you?

I feel your pain.... but don't stress anymore, your frustrations are over....
Because I will show you my secret methods that I've been using that works in any niche that will get you a massive amount of free traffic from YouTube directly to your website, affiliate programs, or CPA offers that you promote within minutes.

And no it has nothing to do with branding your videos with your domain names, etc......(although that does help)

I will show you exactly what you need to be doing right away to exploit a massive amount of free traffic from YouTube within minutes.

Who Am I And Why Should You Listen To Me?

I'm Frank Bruno and I've produced, scripted, and provided video market consultation to some of the worlds top Internet marketers and I'll show you how their using my video marketing tactics to rake in thousands each day.

Frank Bruno and Ewen Chia

I 've been marketing online full time since 1997 and I have NEVER seen a quicker way to get a massive amount of free traffic to my websites and affiliate programs.

Watch my screen cam videos and I will show you a unique way I set up my accounts on YouTube and a simple but clever way I call the "3 step Whammy" I use to drive hundreds of visitors to my videos and YouTube channels within minutes, and thousands of visitors to my videos, websites, and affiliate programs within hours.

My Latest YouTube Marketing Test

I just made another traffic documentation video for one of my red hot niches. In this new video I will show you my YouTube account getting hammered by astounding amounts of traffic, even while I was making the video 2 days into the project (over 17,000 views). In less than 1 week approx. 40,000 views and still climbing (self sustaining)

My Latest Test

Views- 8,000 + first day
Views-17,000 by second day
Views-Over 40,000+ within a week or so

It doesn't even matter what niche your in, or if your a "Newbie" on YouTube. You can duplicate exactly what I do in my videos and apply it to your niche too! I show you step by step in easy to follow video instructions.......

Watch "Underground Videos"

Watch my private "underground" screen cam videos not meant for the public eyes, revealing traffic tactics that can divert thousands of potential video viewers directly to your site each month.

In these "underground" videos I reveal a video marketing tactic I dubbed the "3 step whammy" and the "YouTube Strip" which shows you how to get up to 6 times more traffic directly to your websites without worrying about how many people are "viewing" your videos.

I was hesitant to release these videos to the public for 2 reasons.....

First, these are the exact same videos I used to train my outsourced workers so that they could apply these techniques to all my YouTube accounts for traffic and lead generation. Basically these videos will be exposing some intimate details of my business.

Second, the quality of these videos are totally "raw". Meaning the videos were not produced with top quality in mind (since they were training videos) with somewhat poor audio quality. But if you want some killer "underground" content and don't mind the quality level, then these videos are for you.

Keep in mind that these videos are based on a very tough niche thats completely saturated with nobody on YouTube who even cares about this niche or who are even looking for videos in this niche to watch.

But, what I will tell you, is that I have been converting 40% of all optins into buyers once those visitors get to that niche site in the videos. (Using another clever video tactic)

So if these methods can work this good in this specific niche then it will probably do wonders in your niche.

These tactics also work killer if you have no product or service and just want to use them for affiliate marketing. In fact you can use these tactics on YouTube without even having a video!

Get Massive Traffic To Your Videos Within Minutes!

A recent customer of mine named Michael Martin who bought my videos called me up and said that after watching my videos he was really excited to get started and wanted to test out my tactics right away.

So he tested my tactics by creating a new account at YouTube and uploaded a couple of videos. Then he implemented my video marketing tactics for 5 minutes. Actually his exact words were "I spent about 5 minutes testing your tactics out before I went to bed" .

When he woke up in the morning he found out the videos he uploaded to YouTube the night before already had over 160 views from people watching his videos only after spending literally 5 minutes of his time using my video marketing tactics.

Michael was really excited and said, "I can only imagine the kind of traffic I could get using your video marketing tactics after going full force with this"

What Will You Do With All The Traffic You Get?

If you've never had this problem before its a nice change because when you use my video marketing tactics you WILL get traffic to your videos and channels to get massive exposure. I'm talking about getting so much traffic at your disposal that for once you will be able to decide exactly where you want to direct your traffic too.

What will it be?

Would you like to direct the traffic to your own website? How about a CPA program your promoting where you get paid $1 per sign-up? Or maybe to your Squidoo lens to increase your rankings? Its up to you, do whatever you want....

Not only will I show you how to generate stupid amounts of traffic extremely fast to your videos and channels on YouTube, but I will also show you a unique way to setup your YouTube channels that will "force" your viewers to go wherever you want, its up to you.

Yep you heard me correctly.... you can direct the traffic however you want, its up to you.

Again, you could direct the traffic to an affiliate program that your promoting or direct the traffic to your own website to sell a product, service, membership, capture leads on a squeeze page, send the traffic to your blog, or to an Adsense site for monitization.The scenarios are endless....

The bottom line is that you WILL get massive amounts of traffic. Do what you want with it....

Bob Lavoie and
Russell Brunson
"Frank knows what he's doing when it comes to video and video marketing. He has helped my business tremendously just by implementing his training material into my marketing practices. I highly recommend Frank's Video Marketing Tactics programs."

Bob Lavoie
Wealth Tactics Club

A Recent Post From a Member In The Video Marketers Club

"Just watched the YouTube Strip and I thought it was real clever. Lot's of informative tips and some that gave me some ideas.

All in all this is a great tutorial on how to use one of the most busiest social networking sites online!"

Videos are very intuitive and easy to understand. The technique though is real "underground" and I like that about it. I'm really surprised that more marketers aren't using this Frank."


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