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"Use A New 7-Step Brutally Effective Formula
To Turn Your Video Viewers Into Frenzied Buyers"

Recently a guy named Steve came to me and showed me a video marketing tactic that he's been using on YouTube to get huge amounts of quick traffic to watch his videos, and then getting 70% off his video viewers to leave YouTube and go straight to his website where he sells them his products.

I knew it was possible to get massive amounts of traffic from YouTube extremely fast using certain tactics because I've been doing this for many months now. In fact because of this, I released the "YouTube Strip & 3 Step Whammy" several months ago (only available on DVD) .

Anyway this isn't about that......

This is about you using a new clever video marketing tactic to add to your arsenal that will suck video viewers directly from YouTube straight to your website where you can sell your products to them.

You'll be able to monitize your flood of traffic however you want using your new system.

Here's a few examples of how you can earn money with your new 7-step video formula:

  • You can earn money from your Adsense ads on your web pages earning you cash by the hour
  • You can earn money from your products or services that your selling on your website
  • You can earn money from your CPA or affiliate offers that you have sprinkled all over your website
  • You can earn money from your articles that have contextual links integrated leading to your products & services
  • You can earn money by placing product or service video reviews on your website (you don't even have to make the videos)
  • You can earn money from links to your PLR(private label rights) or RR (resell rights) products that you purchased

The point is, the traffic WILL come to your website and you can easily earn steady cash by following your new 7-step formula. Its completely scalable. Meaning once you see that your 7-step formula is working for you by getting you steady visitors and earning you cash, you can easily duplicate this. Just "rinse and repeat" and all your numbers will be compounded.

Rinse and Repeat Cloning

On a side note, let me just chime in here for a minute and remind you that Its all a numbers game online. When you have something that's making you money, you don't abruptly stop and move on to an unrelated project. You duplicate the same process on a larger scale to multiply your traffic and earnings.

If you found a video marketing method that's making you $250 each month. Do you stop and say, "ok cool its making me $250 a month, now I'll get back to article writing"?

No, you keep doing exactly what you just did to earn that $250 and you devote all your time and effort cloning your identical method that earned you that $250 over and over until you have dozens of $250 a month videos earning you thousands each month.

Then and only then should you move on to other methods that you have in your arsenal that can make you money.

I've been doing this since 1997 and if there was any one secret to your success online. It would be that people over look the "rinse and repeat" method, or they don't duplicate on a large enough scale. I'm talking about scaling steady over a period of time using consistency. It doesn't have to be wam bam overnight. Just be consistent with whatever your doing online.

Just like if you were to submit one video each day or each week to the video directories. Your traffic will keep compounding higher and higher as the days go by getting you more and more visitors and earning you cash all along the way if you set things up and do them correctly.

Another example is with article marketing. Do you think all the success stories you hear are from people who only submit 10 articles and then walk away? No, no, no... They duplicate what's making them money consistently over time thereby compounding their efforts. Which means submitting more and more articles.

That's exactly why you need to be using this 7-step formula. To add another income stream that you can steadily grow on a larger scale by compounding your small efforts. Why spend unnecessary time reinventing when the inventing has already been done for you?

Its about Getting Targeted Traffic, Forget About Being A Star

Isn't this what it's really about it?

You don't post a bunch of videos on YouTube or other video sharing sites just to become a star, do you?

Your a marketer and you want to earn cash, and preferably you want it fast and hard so you can pay off your bills or reinvest it back into your business as quickly as possible to earn yourself an ROI.

Stop uploading videos and waiting for traffic to come flooding into your website fantasizing about your e-mail inbox being blown up with new orders because It will never happen unless you use these tactics.

Trust me, your wasting your time unless your proactive and using the correct methods with your video marketing.

But the question is, do you know exactly what to do to get floods of targeted traffic from YouTube to your website?

Do you know what it takes to turn video watchers into your product buyers?

Or do you just think you know what will work?

Whatever the case, this little power packed report will give you a clever 7-step formula that you can use to get thousands of targeted viewers to watch your videos and then show you how to convert your video viewers into buyers.

Once you see that the formula is working for you by getting you steady visitors and earning you cash along the way, all you have to do is rinse and repeat to make your traffic and earnings go completely ballistic.

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